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Special thanks to Spotify for adding 'I Want Them Gone' to their Renegade Folk playlist and to all the independent curators for their support as well.

I believe in the message in this song and am grateful to all those who have taken the time to help me get it out there.

i want them gone

By Angela Harris

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I have battled depression my entire life and have been to the dark, cold, deep bottom a few times. I used to shut people out and retreat to the darkness when I was struggling with my demons. It never worked; I just fell in deeper, repeating cycles and losing my health, self worth, hope and faith, bit by bit.


When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2016, I was very unhealthy and dealing with extreme personal challenges. I was exhausted and decided that it was time to make some big life changes. I turned to Yoga as my starting point and I haven't looked back.


I meditate daily now, exercise, eat clean (minus the odd treat that I indulge in now and then), create space and welcome my emotions in. Most importantly though, I embrace the light that others shine my way when I am struggling. I take time out for myself to look inward and observe, but no longer go there to hide. I find the courage and strength to admit my wrongs, the compassion to forgive, the respect to listen and understand, the will to thrive, and the trust, to love.


I've had the help from a therapist in every decade of my life. I used to be ashamed of it, but now I see that each stage of self help, has led me to this place of healing, growth and stability. I haven't been in a deep depression for a long time, and I don't ever want to go back to those feelings of hopelessness. My entire focus now is to become a better human and to be there for those who reach out for help.


I wrote 'I Want Them Gone' as part of my healing journey, and decided to put it out there in the off chance that it helps someone out there in some way. We are not alone in our struggles. A part of living this life is to endure, the other parts involve unconditional acts of love for yourself, and for others.




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